Saturday, September 18, 2010

I stand corrected.

On September 14th, I posted an essay about the use of Latin in the Catholic Church.
Link to essay

Two individuals posted comments which quickly pointed out some errors in the essay. They are absolutely correct.

St. Peter did not offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in Latin. Latin did not come on the scene until the 4th century. In the first through third centuries, Greek remained the language of the Liturgy.

The second error pointed out was slightly less egregious. The author of the essay stated "[the Church] continues to celebrate her Liturgy in that same tongue which apostolic men and saints have used for a similar purpose during more than twenty centuries" Twenty centuries is a stretch. Sixteen is a closer number.

Two reflections: Was the author of the essay a deceiver or a poor scholar? I'll opt for the poor scholar story.
The second is that as I enter the blogosphere, I must realize the importance of correcting or explaining messages that could contain errors, even if I did not compose the texts.

Thanks, Sam Kim and Jeffrey Pinyan

      Vigilate et Orate

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